Water Backup

Water Backup

What is Water Backup?

Water Backup, in Baramy terms, is the unnecessary  retention of water due to blocked paths of escape . 

How Does Baramy Treat Water Backup?

Baramy treat situations suffering from Water Backup by  conditioning the inlet  of the pipe or channel used as the  outflow for the contained body of water . This performs 3 actions.

  1. It allows the  retained water to drain away  through the exit pipe unobstructed.
  2. It allows any gross pollutants to migrate to the immediate vicinity of the exit pipe without causing blockage. 
  3. It creates a maintenance point for the collection of the gross pollutants.

We have products available to treat Water Backup. Click on any of the following for further information on our solutions:

While this solution has its own unique set of characteristics and strengths we like to understand the characteristics of the site to be treated, so we can offer the best suited solution.


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