Sediment Control

Sediment Control

Sediment makes up the  second category  of pollutants in the Treatment Train . 

What Does Sediment Consist Of?

Sediment can contain any or all of the folloing elements:

  • clay
  • sand
  • grit
  • pebbles
  • small rocks

Sediment control is a problem in that if left untreated is  clogs up drains, creeks, rivers, dams  and any other body of water that receives water from runoff. It  destroys  and reduces the working life of  wetlands  and  destroys native water life  in natural water ways filling up the watercourse.

How Does Baramy Treat Sediment?

Baramy treats Sediment by  reducing the velocity of the flow  allowing the sediment to drop and  settle into contaiment basins . This allows the water to continue its flow uncontaminated with submersed floating sediment.

We have a range or products available to treat Sediment. Click on any of the following for further information on our solutions:

Each of these traps have their own unique set of characteristics and their own strengths. This is why we like to understand the characteristics of the site to be treated, so we can offer the best suited solution.

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