Energy Dissipater

Energy Dissipater

The Energy Dissipater trap uses a special design of vertical vanes, placed at a variety of strategic positions and angles, to guide the high flow onto itself. This action diffuses the energy of the flow and creates a wider dissipated flow out of trap. This is the basis of our catch phrase

Where Used

The Energy Dissipater is used in medium to high velocity sites where there is minimal headloss (depth to invert) available. 


Site Requirements

Target Pollutant Class

The Energy Dissipater is not targeting the capture of any class of pollutant, rather is is a pre-treatment of the flow. This allows for other solutions down line to be more effective in their capture of Gross PollutantSediment or Floating Contaminants

Water Sources \ Velocity

The Energy Dissipater is primarily used for sites with medium to high velocity flows. The Energy Dissipater is suitable for treating the following water sources:

  • Pipes
  • Channels
  • Culverts
  • V-Drains
  • Natural Flows


The Energy Dissipater is suitable for grades from less than 0.05%  to to any grade. Please note while we can cater for high grades some design modification may be required.

Treatable Flow

The Energy Dissipater is suitable for treating flows from as low as a 3 month ARI to a 100 year ARI.

We don't treat the "first flush", we treat the whole flow for the duration of the event.



The size of the Energy Dissipater is dependent on the:

  • Cross Sectional area of the Water Source, 
  • Velocity, 
  • Grade,
  • Treatable Flow 

T o give you an idea of sizing here is a sample set of configurations.

Sample Configuration Sizing
Cross Sectional Area Height Width Length
(Available shortly)      

Note: These figures are indicative only and do not represent the largest or smallest sizes we can treat. If you need an estimate size for your plans please contact us and we will be able to provide this information to you over the phone if you can provide some or all of the Site Requirements.


The Deflector trap is generally not suited as a lidded solution, however this cannot really be established until the site requirements are known.

Pollutant Storage

There is no pollutant storage with the Energy Dissipater.

Trap Access

As Energy Dissipaters are open solutions access can be by fixed rungs or ramps.


Standard equipment and modular construction combine to make installation convenient with minimum interruption or alteration to existing conditions. Deep excavation is not a required with the Energy Dissipater.



Cleaning of the Energy Dissipater generally not required as it is a self cleaning trap. Of course there may be the odd branch or shopping trolley that would have to be removed, 

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