Liquid Contaminants

Liquid Contaminants

What are Liquid Contaminants?

Disaster Recovery!.  If you have an area prone to spillage of  liquid contaminants  you need to  contain those  spillages  as quick as possible. These areas may be  traffic "black spots"  or sites within an industrial area.

How Do Baramy Treat Liquid Contaminants?

Baramy treat spillages of Liquid Contaminants by  removing  the  spillage  for the immediate area into a separate  containment area . This enables the site of the spillage to return to a normal state in a decreased amount of time.

The contained  liquid contaminents  are then able to be removed or  reclaimed  as any gross pollutants that had been transported by the liquid contaminants have been collected into a separate containment bay.  

We have a range or products available to treat Liquid Contaminant spillages that include the following:


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