Gross Pollutants

Gross Pollutants

Gross Pollutants make up the  first category  of pollutants in the Treatment Train . 

What Do Gross Pollutants Consist Of?

Gross Pollutants are anything larger than sediment and can consist of anything from  shopping trolleys  and truck tyres to  cigarette butts  and  plastic bags . They can be  organic  or  non-organic . This is an important fact as captured organic material like leaf drop in high concentrations, (particularly deciduous trees and bushes which exceed pre-development quantities)  is not really compatible with the Australian wildlife in our streams and rivers when it starts to break down. This is a contributor to such problems as alga blooms and other such problems.

How Do Baramy Treat Gross Pollutants?

Baramy treat Gross Pollutants by  separating  the  pollutants  from the  water flow  into  containment bays  where they can drain to a dry state . We have adopted this philosophy as the separated Dry Rubbish  does not leach nutrients back into the waterways.

We have a range or products available to treat Gross Pollutants. Click on any of the following for further information on our solutions:

Each of these traps have their own unique set of characteristics and although they are all based on the same principal, ie Dry Rubbish, they each have their own strengths. This is why we like to understand the characteristics of the site to be treated, so we can offer the best suited solution.

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