Kerbside Basket Trap

Kerbside Basket Trap

The Kerbside Basket trap uses a specifically designed inclined rack, to "divide" the pollutants out of the water flow and into the containment basket. We use the available energy in the water flow to transport the Gross Pollutants into the containment basket where it can drain dry upon the abatement of the flow.This is the basis of our catch phrase 

Removing the Gross Pollutants  to from the water flow into the elevated containment Basket is how we achieve "Dry Rubbish".

Where Used

The Kerbside Basket trap is used in sites with low to medium velocity flows where there is an available headloss (height difference between inlet and outlet) . If no headloss is available then one of our "Vane" based traps would be suitable.


Site Requirements

Target Pollutant Class

The Kerbside Basket trap is targeted at capturing the Gross Pollutant class of pollutants, as well as a level od sediments. 

Water Sources / Velocity

The Kerbside Basket trap is primarily used for sites with low to medium velocity flows. The Kerbside Basket trap is suitable for treating the following water sources:

  • Kerbs
  • Small focused overland flows


The Kerbside Basket trap is suitable for grades from less than 0.05%  to 6%. For grades outside this range, a Baramy pre-treatment solution may be required.

Treatable Flow

The Kerbside Basket trap is suitable for treating flows 50mm deep. In some rain gardens a bank of traps have been installed (for larger flow rates is mey be more cost effective to use a Baramy "Vane" style of trap). 

We don't treat the "first flush", we treat the whole flow for the duration of the event.



The the Kerbside Basket trap is a fixed size. It has been deisgned like this to cater for the hand lifting of the hinged basket.

Here is a sample configuration.

Sample Configuration Sizing
Cross Sectional Area Height Width Length
0.0225m2 Opening 0.56m 0.76m 1.06m


The Kerbside Basket trap is a partially lidded solution as the lid is built into the design of the basket.

Pollutant Storage

The Kerbside Basket trap uses on-line storage, suspending the pollutant above the exit flow with sediment storage under the basket.

Trap Access

The Kerbside Basket trap can be accessed by lifting the hinged basket to tip its contents on the kerb where it can be easily shovelled up and placed in a bin. While the basket is tipped over the sediment trap cen be shovelled out as well.


Standard equipment and modular construction combine to make installation convenient with minimum interruption or alteraion to existing conditions. Deep excavation is not required with the Kerbside Basket Trap.


Cleaning of the Kerbside Basket trap is dependant on the site requirements but any of the following can be used with this design of trap.

  • Eductor Vacuum
  • Manually Cleaned

Please Note: If a trap is to be cleaned manually, there are reduced Occupation Health and Safety issues as the captured pollutants are dry. 

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